Life in the Slow Lane

You would think life in a 350 sq ft space that has only 1 bathroom, 1 bedroom and wheels would qualify as living in the slow lane but sitting here in Pennsylavania Dutch Country playing on my iPad while the air conditioner and TV are running somehow doesn’t seem very simple as I look out my window and see the neighbor plowing his field with horses!

Amose, Sam

Amose, Sam's youngest boy

Amos is sitting on the sidelines watching his daddy and looking at us in our fancy homes.  To Paul’s dismay I think I could live here.  It is absolutely beautiful and the farms are so clean.  Yes we have the country smell of manure but every yard, farm has cows, chickens, a small garden that the wife tends and children running in the yards chasing each other or butterflies or just running.  The lack of power in some of the homes and no TV in most creates such a calm.

6 horse-power plow!

During the day the young children are helping in the fields, or kitchen or some are out with wagons full of the families goods to share  with tourist who have forgotten how to bake a loaf of bread, a pie, jam or even a jar of pickles.   All around the countryside you will see business signs that direct you to the farms to buy local goods.  We found a farm where the lady of the house was a quilter and turned her garage into a quilt shop.  She doesn’t quilt anymore as she is too busy selling the quilts of her neighbors!  We found so many nurseries where the Amish grew their own plants and it became a business where they buy goods from other local farmers as well as suppliers and sell to the public.

An Amish farm where they sell quilts from many of the area's quilters

Humidity makes for lush plants

Intercourse, PA  where the people live simply but know how to create an economy!  Amish beliefs emphasizing humility, family, community and separation from the non-Amish world however I think they found a way to benefit from the non-Amish!  They have many shops with local products; they offer buggy rides to see the country-side;  and the restaurants are packed with tourists trying to savor that home cooked meal.

Takin' it easy

Picture Perfect

Besides great home cookin’, Lancaster County has lots of covered bridges.  Covered bridges just make you think of covered wagons, horse drawn carriages, walking so we had to see.   The bridges are found in small rural areas.  We drove through an area that looked very affluent and then you come to the creek and see the bridge.  It brings you right back to those early days.

Pat and Kip

I love the structure

If they could do something about the humidity I think I could live here!

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