The Journey Begins

Our friends arrived!  Pat & Kip arrived in Selma on Sunday afternoon to very rainy skies and it seems it has been raining every since!!  We showed them to their site where they spent the next couple of days relaxing, catching up on things and getting a quick dose of southern hospitality from Paul’s family.

45a and 45b Linda Lane!

The sites are large, the amentities include meals and the happy hour is fabulous.

Wednesday we loaded up the homes on wheels and headed out to Ocracoke Island.  To get to the island we have to board a ferry for a 2 1/2 hour ride across the inland waterway.  The ferry leaves at 4:30 so the plan was to get the RV’s on the ferry, crack a bottle of wine open some snacks and have a relaxing ride!  Sounds great and then someone always has to mess with my plans.  We arrive at the ferry dock and the first sign we see says “no restrooms on the ferry”  how does that work?  Hopefully we can get to our rig cause if I drink a bottle of wine there is going to be a need.  Next we see a sign that says “no alcoholic beverages allowed on the ferry”  Seriously!  Maybe we can just sit in our RV and that won’t count!!!

A close fit!

We are on one side of the center of the ferry and the other rig is on the other side!  It’s tight but we could get out!  Duke had to stay inside.  We decided to take seats in the ferry lobby and just enjoy the ride.  It is a pretty long ride, it was raining off and on and their isn’t much to see but we managed to pass the time just talking!  The guys went down and took naps.

That's our ferry in the background

Our campsite is right on the ocean.  After a morning walk on the beach we headed to town.  Ocracoke is a very small island where life is slow and town is dotted with little boutique stores and lots of island charm.  They don’t give things away out here!  Pat and I tried and just couldn’t find anything we had to have.

The island has some ponies that no one knows how they really got here but now they are penned up and protected from the vehicles that cruise around on their turf.  The National Park Service protects them and keeps them where the public can still see them today.


The island ponies are suppose to look different than other horses, they have less vertibra’s and ribs.  I really couldn’t see the difference but they were fun to watch grazing there in the rain not paying any attention to the 10 or so humans peaking thru the fence taking pictures!

We will say good bye to Ocracoke and it’s interesting culture tomorrow and head north towards Kill Devil.  I am hoping the weather improves and the mosquitos will be gone!  Wish us luck.

2 Responses to “The Journey Begins”

  1. Dan says:

    Cool. How much does it cost to ferry your rig to the island?

  2. Denise says:

    $45 for car, towed, Duke and us! It is free to get off on the other end of the island which is only a 45 minute ride