Judy left on Sunday and Nancy, another sister arrived on Friday!  Nancy and her husband Butch drove from Seattle to see us after spending a week enjoying a cruise to Alaska.   They only spent one night before heading back to North Carolina.  We had a great visit and showed them around Westport.  We took a drive on the beach and hit the sand dollar jackpot!  There were so many sand dollars that Nancy filled a doggy bag without moving more than 20 feet!  We also spotted a sea lion that had washed up on the beach with the tide.  Butch said they went all the way to Alaska and saw more wildlife here in Westport!

Nancy & Butch left on Saturday afternoon and Paul and I worked that evening and Sunday morning so we could take off for Seattle once again.  We went back to Everett, which is about an hour north of Seattle to see our friends, Roy & Teresa and Pat who is visiting from CA for the summer.   Roy has turned his hobby of unique finds at garage sales into something he can sell throughout the Northwest at art festivals.  He finds old metal everything and a bit of glass and makes some amazing yard art!  Some of his pieces are quite large but I found something that will fit into our lifestyle, small & compact!

Meet Pete

Pete is the newest addition to our family and he will be traveling with us on this adventure.

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