Made it to Branson

So far the cheapest gas is $1.59 in Amarillo; the most expenisve $2.29 at Meteor Crater, AZ.  Yep we bought the $2.29 stuff! 

We drove 620 miles in 14 hours!  Paul gets into a mode of getting there and I can’t stop him.  I almost refused to go further when I heard on the radio in Arkansas there was severe weather warnings and then the lightening started but we were on the interstate and finding a place for two motorhomes and a tow car takes some planning.  There was no time cause we were heading right into the storm!  If I hadn’t been driving my house across the country I would have been really enjoying the storm!  It was amazing, the lightenng was behind the clouds and lighting the sky up like daylight!  It was truly beautiful although at one point we were slowed to about 35 miles per hour but no one except the occasional maniac truck driver would pass but no one else wanted to go any faster either.  We heard reports on the radio of 60 mile an hour winds and hail the size of nickels but we didn’t see either only lots of heavy rain, lightening and big thunder!  The storm lasted about 30 minutes and as soon as it ended we found a really nice truck stop to pull into!  Never mind, keep driving.

We got to our campground in Branson found our site, parked, and went to bed right after Paul hooked up the cable.  The cable didn’t work so no TV still!

This is the place where we will do our workamping until June and I was really nervous but after meeting 2 of the couples that have been here since September and checking out the location I think it is going to be really fun.  Starbucks is about 4 blocks away and we are right on the lake.  Duke and I wandered all around the campground and fed the ducks. 

I know I am going to like this place, one of the couples came over and invited us to wine tasting!!! We had to take a raincheck cause we are heading out this afternoon for New Hampshire.  We were told no rainchecks cause wine is on the menu everyday!!! Yeah!  I ‘m in.

Duke may not be as impressed because first thing we got him a hair appt and he spent the day getting groomed so we can head off to New Hampshire.

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