Amarillo by morning

Yep that is what we did.  We drove all day through Arizona, New Mexico and 1/2 way thru Texas and landed in Amarillo by about 12:30 am.  Driving the motorhome is becoming easier although I can’t wait to get back in the passenger seat.  There was one really hairy part thru New Mexico.  I was leading and they are working on the roads so it is dark and the Interstate narrows ot one lane each direction and then they put up a cement barrier and reduce the size of the lane to 10 feet!  We are 8.5 feet wide not counting the mirrors.  And the lane in the opposite direction is the same right on the other side of the barrier!!!! I was the lead car of anyone going East on Interstate 40 for about 10 miles; The trucks will just have to make up their time tomorrow.

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    Well I’ll Post a Comment
    besides it’s TEXAS my Home away from Home, you can take the boy out of Texas but you can’t take the Texas out of teh Man!

    Hope your travels through the Loan Star State were fun ones.

    God Bless Teaxs and the Jersey Lilly – Judge Bean 1887