Visiting more Jokers!

Next stop on our little vacation was to Stanwood Washington to visit Roy & Teresa.  They moved from San Jose a few years ago and we hadn’t seen them since.  I love where their home is; it has lots of huge trees and plenty of open area.  The house is so cute.  We spent two nights and had a fabulous seafood dinner (both nights cause it was soooo good!)   Roy has joined the local Art Guild and displays his creations around his home and sells them at local art shows.  There were dragon fly’s, giant bugs, and all kinds of metal creations everywhere you looked.   We also learned how to play Wi frisbee golf, skeet shooting and I tried to downhill ski at night but never really succeeded!

They are located near Camano Island and we took a drive around the island.  Very beautiful homes and the beaches were very inviting although it was still pretty chilly!  The water is so blue in this area.

For some reason I didn’t take pictures but next time!  Thanks, Roy & Teresa for sharing your home, friends and food with us.

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