Seattle part 2

Seeing the major attractions is always on the list when we get to a new place but the smaller things are often what most impress me and catch my attention.  Seattle is a great walking city and we walked about 10 miles or more in 2 days. The people and their communities are very exciting to explore.  We found a dog park within the cement that had lots of puppies playing and rolling in the tanbark and playing in a small wading pool.  Duke enjoyed it until a very large Malamute decided he would be the dominate one and Duke wasn’t having any of it!  We found a local donut shop that served donuts and lunch and then there is the odd stuff!

A 10' popsicle

Trees with Socks!

Light fixtures?

Some stuff makes me laugh and some things you just can’t photograph.  I also love all the flowers and how colorful they are in this city that gets so much rain they never have to worry about watering.  The hanging baskets are attached to the sides of buildings and there is no driplines anywhere!

I do enjoy this state but I could do with more days like the last two where we have not seen a cloud!  Tomorrow is forcast for back to normal!

Yep, we woke up to grey skies and temps back to 60.

Last shot of the city

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