Touring Seattle

Stephanie had one more day before she had to return to San Jose so we took in the sights of Seattle for the afternoon before we sent her home. We also are off from our RV park volunteer position for a few days so we are going to take our first vacation away from the RV.  First it was to the Chittenden Locks to watch the Salmon and the pleasure boats move from Lake Washington into the Sound.  A beautiful afternoon and lots of boats were out enjoying the day.  The Salmon ladder was a bit disappointing as there were not many fish trying to get into the lake.

Beautiful Boats

After a fish lunch at a great little greasy spoon we made our way downtown to the Space Needle.  Paul opted out of taking the $18 ride to the top and took Duke and checked into our hotel.  The Space Needle has a beautiful view of the entire city and mountains beyond.

View from below

You can see forever

Mt. Rainier

Mt. Rainier can be seen from all over the state.  Sometimes on clear days we can see the snow capped mountain from Westport.  It is such a big mountain and such an interesting shape.  I think it looks like a giant zit or mole in the distance!

Tuesday was a very busy day; after the Space Needle we jumped on the monorail and headed downtown where they have an underground tour of old Seattle.  Very interesting, the city would flood everyday at high tide and they had this huge mountain in town so they built walls between the sidewalk and street and filled the street in with dirt, making a new road one story up.  The sidewalks had walkways built over them and the underground was created with the first floor of the buildings like basements.  Many buildings don’t use the first floor but the tunnels are still there and some businesses are underground.

Under Seattle

The sidewalks had skylights built into them for lighting and many of the lights are still there.  From underground you can see up pretty well but from above they just look like some type of street art.

Skylights for the underground

It’s time for Stephanie to return to “Real Life” and us to get back to our vacation.  Two nights in a fancy hotel in Seattle for a mere $180 per night!  No complaints from me.  We have a beautiful view of the Space Needle; they allow pets; a small breakfast bar; and a KING SIZE bed!  I am in heaven.

Wednesday morning the weather was still spectacular, almost got too hot for me in the afternoon.  First we took a 2 hour cruise on Lake Union and Lake Washington.

Yep, we are tourists!

The Space Needle is definitely a landmark for this city!

Perfect weather to get out on the lake

Seattle knows there are not many great days of sunshine so even though this was a Wednesday the lake was full of paddle surfers, sailers, kayaks and sun worshippers.   From Lake Union you move through a channel into Lake Washington.  We saw several rowing teams practicing from the University of Washington which sits right on Lake Union.

Into Lake Washington you have to pass under the floating bridge.  Later we took a drive over it.  No, you can not tell you are floating!


Lake Washington has an exclusive area with beautiful mansions and one of them belongs to Mr. & Mrs. Bill Gates!  The house did not look all that huge but was very nice and an amazing view onto the lake.

Bill Gates backyard

And then of course back to Lake Union where we saw lots of houseboats that are not really houseboats at all.  They don’t have motors so if they are to be moved they have a tug boat move them.  The guide said they sell for $800k to way up!  And they think real estate in San Jose is out of control!

Some more excentric than others

Lake Unions most famous houseboat. Sleepless in Seattle

Next stop was a walk around town and to Pike Place Market.  For some reason I insist on seeing all the major attractions and then when I get there, there is just way too many people or it isn’t that great!  I wanted to get coffee from the 1st Starbucks and watch the guys throw the fish and wrap them in newspaper!  Well, we saw the line to the Starbucks from across the street and the guys flinging fish, you couldn’t get close as there were so many tourists taking pictures.  I am not even sure anyone was buying fish!  Oh well, I can check it off my bucket list cause I saw it.

1st Starbucks

We had a nice walk along the waterfront, back to our amazing hotel, dinner from Whole Foods and rest my feet!  Tomorrow we are off to see friends!


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