Happy Independence Day

Paul and I found out a few days ago that you can set your own legal fireworks off on the beach here in Westport on the 4th of July only.  You can’t buy them here but the Indian Reservation about 10 miles from here has lots of firework stands.  We went there and bought a few things.  We had no idea what we were buying or if they were legal so I was nervous about bringing them down onto the beach.  The guy was very helpful and since I don’t really enjoy explosives or the noise he gave us a few that I was suppose to really enjoy.  My budget was $50 and I thought we had a lot!

We arrive at the beach about 9:15 to watch the sunset and wait for dark.

And the sun goes down!

That's $50?

We found ourselves a nice safe place away from others and set up our display.

Getting things set up! Who brought the bucket of water? and the shovel?

I was being responsible and watching as everyone else arrived and started setting up.  Shouldn’t we all have safety equipment?  Apparently fireworks are not as dangerous as I thought!  Some guy set up right behind me, started a big bonfire with driftwood and proceeded to set off his display!  Right over my head, wow!  Then another group set up only 25 feet to the side of us.  At least they were setting theirs off in the direction of the water!  I thought they were really responsible until I watched the 5 year old help light an bomb that went about 50 feet into the air!  Paul and Stephanie waited for it to darken and then the fun began.  Did we get our $50 worth?

Let's light one!


That was cool! Let's do it again

Yep, we had a blast.  One of the ones the guy sold us went crazy and didn’t seem like a very good idea with so many people on the beach.  It lifted off the ground and then made this crazy noise as is went flying in any direction which was right for my head!  We had 3 of them and after the second one almost shaved my head we opted out of lighting up the third one.  But everything else we bought was so much fun.  Watching Paul and Stephanie retreat after lighting one off was as much fun as the color explosion in the air!  $50 wasn’t very much compared to what else we watch from the beach.  A great display of fireworks and a beautiful sunset.  Happy Independence Day!!!

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  1. Pat Bennett says:

    Hi you guys! I’m going to read your blog-didn’t know you had one! I’m at Roy and Teresa’s and we’re going to come and visit…..In the meantime, check out my blog….Hugs, Pat Bennett