4th of July Weekend

We had an amazing 4th of July weekend with sunshine, fireworks, campfires and Stephanie came to visit us!  We picked her up from Sea-Tac on Friday night and had 3 fabulous days here in Westport.  We showed her all the sights and had some old fashioned family time.  We really missed having Amy here too!

Saturday morning we headed to Ocean Shores hoping it was windy enough to fly some kites.  Today was our lucky day; the beach wasn’t too crowded and we were able to fly our kites.  I didn’t crash into anyone this time!  The bad news for me was Stephanie flew Paul’s kite way better than me on her first try!   I’m getting better but I won’t be doing any tricks anytime soon.

Ocean Shores is a beach town with lots of activities for families; beach, kites, ice cream shops, rental bikes, go-kart tracks and horses you can ride on the beach.  Paul decided he wanted to try riding a horse.  He never had any interest in Stephanie’s horse and would hardly even touch her horse.  He did try to ride a horse once about 20 years ago and was scared to death as the horse decided the big boy should get a real ride and took off!  So, why did he want to go today?

Are you sure?


Ok, I think we are ready!

They found a horse big enough for Paul and of course Stephanie gets the horse that is a challenge!  She opted for a horse that had some spunk and didn’t really like the other horses infront of her so Stephanie got to teach the horse a few tricks and the trail leaders were impressed!  It is good to know all those years of lessons paided off for her.

Paul and Stephanie took a ride for about an hour down the beach while Duke and I watched the kite flying on the beach.  Paul returned in one piece and isn’t sure he liked it but said he is glad he did it and might do it again someday – another 20 years!!!

The rest of the day was spent flying kites, shopping and then a go-kart ride for Stephanie and I.  What a blast!  I felt like I was 10 years old and probably looked that way also.  We rode on a track that they call a slick track which means they spray water on the turns and if you dare you can spin out as you go around!

It's a race to see who can spin first!

Mom wins!!!

Sunday we showed Stephanie our little town of Westport, the docks, the beach and of course some crabs!  Crabbing started out so fun and I guess we had beginners luck cause now it seems the crabs have all left!  We didn’t even get 10 crabs and of course none big enough.

Really? nothing?

We did have a good time teaching others how to throw the net in, measure the crabs and decide if they are males or not. There were so many people here and crabbing.  Then because we look responsible we had people ask if we would look out for their pre-teens while they went up on the shore to shop or whatever!

Stephanie and I took a couple of hours to check out the Westport Winery.  Very sweet, expensive wines but a really cute place with lots of charm.  They serve you popcorn with your wine and let you taste some chocolate or cheese.  The winery is only a couple of years old and the owners are putting some really nice touches on the grounds.  They are making a grapevine maze, a garden with several sculptures.

One of my favorites

A really great weekend and it is only Sunday!

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