Sunny Days, What happened?

We had a whole weekend of perfect weather; 70 degrees, light wind and lots of sunshine.  I worked in the park office on Sunday and we sold out of sunscreen.  It was fun to see all the red rosie cheeks! There wasn’t even enough wind to fly a kite.  It is beautiful here when the sun shines and the clouds go away.  No worries, the rain is back today!

So much driftwood on the beach


They are everywhere, What to do with them?

Even the sunset was effected by the lack of clouds!  The weekend was perfect and the town was very happy as this was their big festival, Rusty Scupper Days; a weekend of Pirates and all things Pirate.  Lots of fun, costumes and great faire food.

Monday morning we wake to rain and it is promised for the next 3 days.  I am learning to adjust to this weather and will take advantage and get some indoor things done like reading a good book!

One Response to “Sunny Days, What happened?”

  1. Dan says:

    Ya gotta really enjoy those good days…here’s hoping you have many more. Duke looks happy, Oscar is jealous.