Last night at Winter Camp

Steak dinner was amazing.  We showed up for our seating time of 6 pm and immediately had a salad.  Then they start calling you for your 6 pm seating time for steak; they don’t call you by tables, they call you by how you want your steak cooked!  The steak was cooked perfectly on the bbq and big enough we should have saved 1/2 for another meal but we didn’t!  Paul and I have not had steak since probably sometime in December so we ate the whole thing and were looking for leftovers from others plates!  We sat with our hosts, Mike & Claudia and some Canadian friends of theirs that were so much fun.  We want to come back here next year just to see all the great people we have met so far.

Tomorrow we leave and head for Branson, MO.  We are going to miss Arizona and the amazing weather, it was 80 degrees at 6 pm today but are looking forward to a few months in Missiouri.

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