Friends, Family and more Friends

Since we have been home we have taken the time to see the kids as much as possible.  Last Saturday was Amy’s birthday and she was able to get away from her audit to enjoy a great dinner at Buca di Beppo.  Nick’s mom was in town also so we got to meet her and her boyfriend, Jeff.  Dinner was great, of course too much food and then we went home for dessert and the presents!  Even at 24, Amy had the look of the birthday girl while she sat on the floor and the gifts were presented to her.  I always love that part!  So glad I have girls cause they truly love the whole ritual thing also.

Last night we had dinner at Famous Daves BBQ with friends.  Excellent!  And if you go there definitely have the Feast and someone has to  be having a birthday, preferable someone that doesn’t blush too much!  Thanks Donna, I am sure it was at least as much fun for you as it was for the rest of us!!!  And Candy, the roses are still so beautiful this am, Thank you for a great evening.

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  1. Albert says:

    I love the pictures, looks great. I only open this when you send them. I’m a computer dork. Have fun.