I love it here

Welcome me back to my home.  I arrived here April 13th so that I could take care of Amy after her surgery to remove her 3 wisdom teeth.  We got them taken out on Thursday and spent the weekend recovering while debating should she take the Vicodin or not and what can she eat without adding pain.  We did fine and on Friday we painted patio pots for her backyard! 

Day 1! Ice packs and her elephant!

Yes, I got permission to post!!!!  She is fine, all the vicodin is gone and she is almost eating solid foods again.  Another “Mom” task completed.

Now Paul’s turn to be dad.  Stephanie’s car was costing too much to keep in a condition that she was comfortable with and since she has been employed since graduation she was ready for a new car.  They had been talking on the phone for several weeks and as soon as he arrived in town on Friday she was ready to hit the dealers and write the check for a new car.

A new Honda Fit

A very cute car just for Stephanie.  Congratulations Steph on arriving in true adulthood, car payments and all!

We have been here a week and loving everything about it; we square danced last night and saw many old friends, spending time with the kids is always great.  We will be here in town thru Mother’s Day.

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