Last days in Mesa

Tomorrow we hitch up the car and point our home to the west.  We have had a great time enjoying the sunshine while the rest of the country had a winter to remember.  I can’t wait to get back to California and see the spring results of lots of rain.   Our last week here has been full of the things we love about the desert.  We had two days of 100 degrees in March!  That seems crazy even for the girl from California.  We had some more amazing sunsets!

April Showers?

There was a pool party, golf, more pickleball, lots of card games and we got out for another 3 games of bowling!  I won the round with a starting game of 193!  The game started in the first frame of only 3 pins and ended with 4 strikes in a row!   Maybe I should turn the golf clubs in for a bowling ball!!!  Nah, bowling is like most things I try,  I can be pretty good but never consistent.

Leaving the desert is like leaving home with lots of great memories and way too many goodbyes.  And just like home I know we will be returning soon to pick up right where we left off!  Can’t wait to get home in less than 2 weeks.

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