Baseball season

We finished our tour of duty Thursday with a party!  Spring training this year was more hectic for me as I didn’t get to watch many games or even parts of games.  I was really looking forward to the Giants game on Wednesday and then the head cashier from our booth had to return home for a family member so I sort of stepped in as part time head cashier.  Then I arrive Wednesday morning and our Lead is sick!  Darn, I get to be in charge.  Everyone knows I don’t like to be in charge!  Ok, I use to in my life before retirement, now I just want to show up, sell a few hot dogs and enjoy the visitors and watch some baseball.  Poor Angela, the lead was sick all day with herself and then her baby was sick too. I am glad she stayed home and it actually was fun trying to keep track of 13 crazy retired people!

What a beautiful stadium


Terry, the most crazy Aramark employee in booth #3

Thanks everyone in booth #3!  I had such a great time this year.  And, Diana, I hope you get that warrent taken care of!!!

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