Like nothing I have ever seen before, a dance tour that dances with aluminum foil.  Sunday evening Claudia invited me to go with a group from her park to this one time only in Mesa showing of Aluminum Dance Show.  For an hour and a half these dancers danced inside of tubes that looked like huge dryer vents with high energy and an amazing beat, telling the story of a baby tube that got seperated from his family and how the Aluminum dryer vent family helped the baby become rejoined with his family!

inside the tube


Baby Dryer Vent


Claudia holding the vent and one of the dancers

This is a traveling tour so check it out when it gets to your city.  I guarantee you will not be bored!!

And then the bus driver had this idea!  There is another exhibit that takes about 20 minutes and the only way he can describe it is it looks like a bunch of upside down boobs!  Lets go!!

Architects of Air - Amococo

No two visits to a structure are alike as the atmosphere inside alters according to changing weather and changing light outside. The experience is also affected by how the public inhabits the luminarium. (comment from the web)

Entering a different world?

Yep, we really paid $5 and took our shoes off!


This is one exhibit you will have to find it, pay the $5 and see for yourself as I have no explanation for what it is!!  Amococo, Architects of Air is a must do once! 

We went on this bus trip with about 20 other women and 2 men from Claudia’s RV park.  Many did not like either experience but we loved the Aluminum production and I am still thinking about Amocco.  Thinking about stuff what it is all about so I

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