Have you been to a Bowling Center lately?   Things have changed a lot since the last time I bowled at least 10 years ago.  Arcade areas that look like the state fair and bars that are fully stocked.  And then there is the lane!  Wow, couches and coffee tables.  The one we went to had the balls color coded and arranged by weight and when you order your shoes they are delivered to your lane with the laces nicely laced and tucked inside.  They looked like I was the first feet in them!!!  We also had a server that checked on us regularly to see if we wanted anything to drink or would we like to order off the extensive menu of great looking food.  A MENU at the Bowling Alley?

With all of this the prices are not what they used to be either.  4 of us bowled 3 games with 3 rented pairs of shoes and 4 sodas that cost us $26 with tip.  That is a pretty good deal, $6.50 each for a couple of hours of fun.  Wait, we had coupons for the bowling so 4 sodas and 3 pairs of shoes is all we paid for.  We had fun, enjoyed the lanes where all the employees were really friendly and we got to interact with children which is quite rare here in the senior mecca of the USA in March.  It was spring break and we bowled next to a young mom who had 4 children from 3 – 6 and they all bowled!  The 3 year old would pick up that 6 lb ball and walk right up to the foul line and toss it onto the lane.  We would all watch the ball make its way slowly to the pins and knock over several while the little girl would stand there waiting and then turn to her fans and wait for us to cheer!  What great family fun!

And, I bowled awesome for not raising a ball in over ten years – 145 in one game!

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