Just having fun

Our grownups playground is at it again.  We had our St. Patrick’s Day Parade on Saturday and it was green everywhere.  As with many of these events there are more participants than spectators!  We were spectators this year and brought our lawn chairs to the parade route about 2 minutes before the lead car headed down our street.  Lots of laughs where most of the clubs come out to show off their talents as well as lots of decorated golf carts who’s drivers throw candy’s to the spectators.

This year we had a couple of favorites; first there was the Pickle Ball Club lead by our neighbor who was the mascot for the club.


She’s hard to see but she is riding in the basket and her bonnet is a pickleball.

Next the musical talents were represented by the Kitchen Sink Band.  This group gets together all of the time to Jam!  All instruments have some type of kitchen utensil attached and they play pretty well!

A flute with a spoon?

Lawnchair drill team! Musical Chairs!

Old men, Hawaiian shorts, cowboy hats and a lawn chair – maybe the sun is getting to us cause we laughed our asses off!!!

2 Responses to “Just having fun”

  1. Candy Tyner says:

    Wow… I want to see these guys in action!!!

  2. Candy Tyner says:

    Darn… I hope we get to go to Mesa again soon.