Mesa in March

Sunset at home

Ah, but the perfect weather is finally here!  Lots of sunshine, amazing sunsets and baseball!  We are already half way through spring training and a couple more weeks and then we leave paradise again.  The most amazing sunsets seem to come in March when the skies start out totally blue and then in the late afternoon here come some clouds that stick around it seems just to make the sunset spectacular.  I try not to miss sitting out and watching the sunset.  We also are near a small private airport and in the flight path of Phoenix International Airport and although it is 20 miles away we still get a pretty good view.

United, American, or Southwest?

Yesterday while driving Paul and I saw 10 old planes flying in formation right over our park.  I tried to get pictures but it was so cool to watch that I forgot the camera until it was almost over! sorry.

2 Responses to “Mesa in March”

  1. says:

    Mesa in March—I like that! How about Mesa Madness! Can’t believe you’ll be back in April! Life goes by too quickly. You’re probalby enjoying another sunset about now!!

  2. Dan says:

    Cool pictures. Great that we can comment now also…ready for spring here as well. Temps are still below normal…