Spring Training

Saturday was opening day for the California Angels at Diablo Tempe Stadium here in Tempe.  I am in the same hot dog stand as last year and Paul is still the Event Supervisor!  Not the most exciting game but the beer sales are always fun!  Arizona has this crazy rule that you can only have 32 oz of beer per person at one time so we can only sell them one 24 oz at a time!  Seems kind of weird that you can carry a gun but you can only have 32 oz of beer in Arizona!!! One of my customers made that connection.

15 more games in March and we will get to see the San Francisco Giants play on March 23rd!  That should be exciting.

One Response to “Spring Training”

  1. Cherie Koch says:

    Hope you enjoyed the season! How was the Giants game today?Hope we cross paths again Denise! Take care!