Good Bye, Safe travels

Saturday morning our friends left to head back to California  and Oregon.  We have been traveling with them since January 4 where we met up in Calistoga California.  Ed & Peggy were the first couple to join us in Calistoga and guess what they are the last couple standing!  Both couples pulled out of the park about 9 am and before 10 am we get a call from Eddie.  They lost a tire on the interstate and need to find a repair place.  So Ed and Peggy are staying in Mesa a few more days!  The good news is they were able to drive their trailer to Camping World where they spent the weekend and on Monday were given an estimate to get it fixed on Tuesday.

During this trip everyone seemed to get sick at some point and Paul and I were the last to be sick.  So Saturday we were ready to just sleep and sleep we did.  Both Saturday and Sunday we slept and our friends Ed & Peggy spent time in the camping world parking lot in Mesa.  But on Monday we made them come back and we enjoyed a wonderful Valentines dinner complete with Steak Diane!  The flaming sauce was really good!

Tuesday evening we got a message from Ed & Peggy that they made it to Indio, CA so now everyone is on their way home!  Kip & Pat took a detour on their way back to the snow of Pioneer, CA and are enjoying the Arizona sunshine in Lake Havasu.  Maybe they are getting the travel bug like Paul and I?

This journey was filled with great friends, adventures, enlightenment and lots of Alcohol.  Having friends to share our adventures was so much fun and I hope you all enjoyed it as much as we did.  Thank you all for putting up with us for so long and I can’t wait for our next adventure.  See you all in Washington in September!!!  THANK YOU FOR BEING OUR FRIENDS AND SAFE TRAVELS.

One Response to “Good Bye, Safe travels”

  1. Kip says:

    We had a blast. Best 2 months we’ve had in years. Interesting travels with interesting friends. Made it home ok, to over 3 feet of snow. Good neighbors had cleared the driveway and we managed to back the rig into the RV garage. That was March 1. Now, weather is 68 and snow is nearly gone. Let’s all get together and do it again…real soon.