A day at the Salon

Peggy, Denise, Duke, Sassy and Wookie all spent the day at the salon!  I had made an appointment for me to have a manicure/pedicure and appointments for all three dogs yesterday and then Peggy says I need some waxing!  Ok, so I call up and they can do her waxing while I get mine done.  Peggy and I go to our salon while Paul and Eddie take the 3 dogs to Petsmart for the complete treatment.  Peggy and I walk in, I have an appointment, she doesn’t as they said they could just squeeze her in for the wax.  But when we arrive one girl is not busy and quickly talks Peggy into a pedicure  while I sit and wait for my girl to finish someone else.  Peggy ended up getting a pedicure and a full set of nails almost before I even get to sit in the chair!  $120 and 2 hours later Peggy and I walk out feeling pretty refreshed.  The dogs  $120 and 3 hours later are ready to get picked up, with all the dirt removed and new haircuts for all.

Sassy, Duke, Wookie and Peggy's toes

Duke is very happy that he is home from the Salon

Another Arizona Sunset

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  1. dwoods@fenwick.com says:

    Beautiful sunset! Hey, we are having beautiful weather here. I went walking about 9:30 last night and I didn’t need a jacket and the stars were beautiful! Heard you had fun at the Superbowl Party! Enjoy! di