Getting rid of the dirt

We arrived in Yuma yesterday feeling pretty grimmy from the desert.  Immediately the 3 women rounded up the laundry and headed for the local laundromat.  A very nice place with an assistant who helped you locate washers for all your loads and dryers.   In less than 2 hours we did 12 loads of laundry and were on our way!!  The only thing missing with this laundry facility was they needed a bar nearby as we were parched and still feeling out of sorts from the 2 hour drive down and really could have used a margarita.  Thats ok as we took care of that as soon as we returned to the rigs.

We are staying at an interesting place.  Jim and Debbie Canada have 6 RV sites in their yard and we have 3 of them – actually we have 2 and the Tennants are parked next to their house because Jim wasn’t aware 3 of us were arriving and gave his 4th spot to a couple right before we arrived.  It is very quiet where we are and we have a great view of the Eastern Mountains of Yuma. 

After laundry and showers our friends we met in Branson, Emily & Wrae and Connie & Charles came by for drinks before we went to dinner with them.  After Dinner we returned to Wrae & Emily’s new home which is a lot with 2 RV pads.  They are putting landscape in and this will be their winter home – very nice and something that Paul and I might consider someday.  The cool part is there is no home to maintain so you only have to worry about some cement pads and a few desert plants when you leave for the summer.

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