Moving down the road

Dirt in the desert is like sand at the beach, it gets everywhere!  I think Duke weighs about 3 extra pounds and even though I have showered regularly I feel like the dirt is in my pores so we are ready to move to a cleaner part of the desert. 

Quartzsite has been fun and now some of our friends have also experienced it.  Quartzsite has several hundred of our dollars but most of it was spent in entertainment.  I bought waterballs!  A very interesting product and we will see if the work as soon as I get a pot and a new plant.  Even if they don’t work they are such a cool idea and pretty fun to play with.  Paul took the boys to the auction and just the stories was worth the $20 bucks he spent on stuff that either didn’t work or we didn’t need.  Anyone want a carton of SlimJim?  Infact the boys enjoyed the auction so much they went back for another day and spent even more on stuff they say they couldn’t live without!Janet and Tony King left yesterday and we miss them already but they are happy!  They found a Passport America Park in Mojave for only $15 including cable TV!  A step up from the desert and no power.  Passport America is a discount program that RVers use often to find that deal while enroute.

Today we head for Yuma, AZ where we will meet up with some new friends that we have made through fulltime RVing while still traveling with our old friends the Garvey’s and the Tennant’s, and I get to see my parents who winter in Yuma.  The bonus in Yuma is I get to travel out of the country for a day and enjoy some Mexican Food!

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