Quartzsite Arizona

We started our adventure 2 years ago in this same spot!  The land of sunshine, cactus, flea markets and retired RV’ers all living without power or water other than what they carry on board which for some is a difficult task.  We come to Quartzsite to meet others like ourselves that are just looking for a bit of summer in the middle of January and we found it.  Today was about 78 degrees when we arrived at our spot in the desert. 

We met our friends Ed & Peggy who are joining us for a few days in the desert.  We have 4 rigs and we met some people that Paul and I had met 2 years ago here.  There are 8 rigs in our group and hundreds of rigs spread throughout our little area in the desert.  We quickly set up our camp, got out the lawn chairs and got to the important stuff, relaxing and enjoying friends.

It's 5 o'clock somewhere

Pat, Peggy, Janet and I sharing a first toast here in the desert

The afternoon was spent talking about Quartzsite and what we would be doing over the next few days.  The 3 couples have not been to Quartzsite before and I tried to warn them but they wanted to come anyway.  We plan to see the RV show of course and Paul wants to make sure they see the local legend, Paul the Naked Book Seller!  Yep, he is naked.  I can’t wait to see the girls faces then!  The best thing about the desert is the landscape and the sunsets.  Today’s wasn’t the best, but it is the first of the winter for me so I had to take pictures.  Here’s to 2 months of awesome sunsets.

Arizona Sunset, January 24, 2011

Blues, Pinks, Yellows and Oranges! The desert is so peaceful in the evening

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