Amazonian, To be or not to be…

This is really hard work!  This week we actually worked 5.5 hours of overtime.   It is starting to get easier as your body becomes accustomed to standing for over 10 hours while twisting one way and then the other.  And these 15 minute breaks where you are suppose to run to the restroom, grab a cup of Java, and rest before returning to your station to stand another few hours packing more purchases is just crazy.  I barely get relaxed in the lunchroom before it is time to stand back up and get going again.

I am getting use to the whole concept and able to function minimally when we get home at 6 pm.  Although the experience is less than exciting for me, Paul is having a great time.  This week he got to learn 2 new tasks in one day- they don’t want to overwhelm you!! 

We have packed some interesting things and I am learning a lot about what “OTHER” means!  WOW!!!  So keep shopping at Amazon and we will keep packing for a few more weeks!  See everyone at Christmas.

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