Home Sweet Home

I am always excited to come home.  Having the opportunity to travel like we do is so amazing but there is still no place like home!    We arrived in Morgan Hill on Tuesday night after a quick stop to see my mom & dad in Hanford. 
We stayed at the dealership in Morgan Hill so Paul could do some technical support on site.  We also spend Thursday with friends from Branson touring the wine country of Gilroy and then dinner in Moss Landing, a short drive to Monterey and Santa Cruz.  It was so cold we never really got out of the car other than to take a quick photo.
Stephanie arrived on Thursday and spent a nice long weekend with us.  We had dinner with friends, golfed and then had a GRAND dinner with just our family at Magiano’s in Santana Row.  We had enough leftovers for most of us to have lunch and dinner the next day!  Thanks to Nick and his discount!

Stephanie left on Monday night after dinner with the Deckert’s and Paul left for Stockton Tuesday night after happy hour in Sunnyvale.  I was left to run errands.  And, yesterday I got in another 9 holes!  I played so much better than in Albuquerque that I think I might actually start enjoying this game again.

Today I am off to see about getting the car repaired from our BEAR incident in New York and then I will head to the mountains with one last stop in Coloma before arriving in Fernley for 9 weeks of HELL!  Hopefully it isn’t hell but I am very nervous

Flying Kangaroos' in Albuquerque

I love this photo!  Can you tell I really loved the balloon fiesta?

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