Raquette Lake Cruise

Raquette Lake is where the rich send their children to spend the summer each year.  We took a boat cruise on the lake this week and had a wonderful lunch.  The cost of the 2 hour cruise and lunch was $35 each and a $6 Bloody Mary, all of which Paul felt was well worth the money!  Yep, you read this right, Paul thought the cruise and lunch was a bargain!!!

The girls club on Raquette Lake

The boys club on Raquette Lake

Along with the rich names who have camps here there are two clubs about 1 mile from each other and across the lake from one another.  The grounds look beautiful and the amenities look like something right out of Parent Trap!  I didn’t even know these kinds of places really existed.  Apparently these kids come here year after year from all over the world and spend 7 weeks of summer at camp for the low price of about $15,000 per child!  I think my whole family could go on a pretty nice vacation for 15K but if you have plenty of money and don’t really need to spend time with your kids laughing, playing in sprinklers, eating popsicles and letting the juice run down your arm, backyard bbq’s or just hanging out enjoying the lazy days of summer this is where you send the kids to do these things while you go on your own vacation to some paradise!!!

The lake is beautiful and there is so much history here and the captain shared lots of it which I didn’t retain but I still enjoyed the ride.  Most of this lake is only accessible from the water and many of the camps are camps that have been in families for several generations.  There is even a church that is accessible by boat only.  It was a very interesting looking church where the shingles were on all the walls and the roof.

a boat in Church

The shores of Raquette Lake

Much of the shoreline is beautiful and green right down to the water but many areas have camps from little tiny homes to large resort type places.  Many of the lakes in the region look much the same as Raquette Lake but it is different in that so much of the lake is only accessible from boat.

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