Mohawk Valley Diamond Dogs

We drove 1.5 hours through some beautiful farmland to arrive in the town of Little Falls for a baseball game.  This was smaller than the SJ giants but just as fun.  Ice Cream eating relays, frisbee contests, beach ball relays, so much fun and it only costs Paul $15.50 including dinner!  The fun ended when the 10% chance of rain turned into a downpour about the 5th inning but not before the Umpire made a really bogus call against the home team.  The coach and fans were on their feet!  Going to a baseball game is always a great time, lousy food, expensive beer, hard seats but such an American treat!

One Response to “Mohawk Valley Diamond Dogs”

  1. Candy Tyner says:

    We thought of you guys this weekend…. Mike and Claudia are here visiting family… went to hear Gary sing and others Friday night. Fun time.