Happy Independence Day

Paul has been gone over a week now and I survived; the power, TV, and Internet all still work!  I have been staying busy hanging out in the RV park which has been very quiet until yesterday and now of course it is full of weekend visitors.  It is so much fun watching everyone arrive, set up the RV or tent, roll out the carpet, set up the chairs and start a fire!  There are so many fires going that last night when I returned home from town you could see this huge cloud over our campground.   I love walking around the park meeting people and of course Duke is meeting many friends.

This past week has had some interesting weather.  Monday it rained so hard that I thought we would float away. That is not far off as the river came up really high from the run off.  Several of the seasonal sites on the river were flooded until yesterday afternoon. One trailer was sitting in several inches of water and their fire-pit looked like it’s own little island!  By last night the water receded and this morning they were sitting around the fire-pit already!!  Wednesday it was so cold that I had to get out an extra blanket for the bed and the heavy coat during the day.  Today it is beautiful blue skies and about 80 degrees.  It is a spectacular 4Th of July weekend here in Old Forge.  The local economy relies on this weekend and labor day to carry them through the winter.

Tonight the group around us who are mostly seasonal folks had a potluck and I joined in.  Just like everywhere they were curious about this lifestyle although no  one was ready to join in one couple said they were going for it when their daughter was old enough.

Hope everyone is having a great weekend.  Enjoy our independence.

One Response to “Happy Independence Day”

  1. Candy Tyner says:

    Hi Denise,
    We thought about you and were wondering if you were having a heat wave… but it seems… you were lucky. Enjoy..