Spring Training

March was a crazy month and I survived!  Our Aramark job at Tempe Diablo Stadium is over. There were 17 games.  I missed 3,  but still that is a lot in 30 days.  My booth was mostly made up of people like Paul and me.  People living the life on the road and working to earn that little extra cash for fuel to get to the next stop. 

Can I see your ID please?

Can I see your ID please?

Here is the gang that kept Booth #3 together for the month of March.  I am going to miss you all. It is amazing to me still that we all fit into that little booth without trampling someone – oops, we did have one mishap.  Hope you are healing OK Diana!

No more Nacho’s, Cold Beer or Hot Dogs until March 2011 Please!  Happy travels to all of you wherever you go and keep in touch. I plan to see at least some of you somewhere on the road!

One Response to “Spring Training”

  1. Candy Tyner says:

    Congratulations on a job well done… and to your team.

    Are you heading out of town now that Booth #3 is closed?