The girlfriends come to visit

One of the things I am not used to since moving into the motorhome is having friends and family around who really know me.  I have met some awesome people that are so much fun to hang out with and will be friends from now until forever but they still are not the people I grew up with, who saw me get married, have kids, etc…. so I was so looking forward to the visit from the girlfriends.

Diana, Vikki, Lani & Maryanne arrived in Phoenix on Thursday night really late so I didn’t get to see them until Friday mid morning when they came to my job at the RV park.  After a quick tour we headed  to Scottsdale to see how the rich of Arizona spend their days.  Historic downtown has lots of cute shops and you could buy just about anything from spring training t-shirts to  speciality biscuits for your doggie!

Who's that doggie in the window?

This little doggie was so annoyed with us trying to get her photo that she never did turn around and give us a good photo!  Lunch (including a couple of Margarita’s) and a little shopping and the gang was ready to get back to our home and enjoy the evening on the patio. 
Saturday we went on the standard Desert tour.

Posing on the cliff, Superstition Mountains is our backdrop

What is she doing? And, Why?

Waterfall in the desert!

After a beautiful day in the desert we went for a real cowboy dinner.  Rustlers Rooste Steakhouse is a big attraction in Phoenix, complete with peanut shells on the floor, 24 oz steaks, 2 bars, patio seating with a view of the entire city, a live band in the dining room along with a dance floor,  a slide, a bull at the front entrance and bull horns for those that have had a bit too much to drink – you know who you are!***

***Someone took photos but are not sharing!

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