Spring Training

Spring training has begun here in the desert and everyone talks baseball.  Paul & I found ourselves a job working at the Tempe Diablo Stadium, home of the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim.

We work in the consession stands where I sell beer and hot dogs and Paul got promoted to Supervisor so he watches people sell beer and hot dogs and gets them more when they run low!  I was a bit nervous when we first got the gig cause I hadn’t worked a beer tap in a long time.  No worries, in Arizona you have to go to a 3 hour training course and get certified on how to sell beer!  I didn’t see any classes for drinking beer?  I passed the test and now I can sell beer (only 32 oz. per person per transaction!)  That does pose a problem with some of the fans but I stand strong.

My first day on the job I carded a 50 year old woman who didn’t have her ID and then I couldn’t serve her and I refused to serve a really stoned dude that proceeded to flip me off as he left the stand!  Today I went all the way to the park only to watch the cooks fill the hot dog warmers, ready the pretzels and cheese sauce and fill all the condiment trays and then the game was canceled 30 minutes before game time because someone forgot to tell God that it never rains in Arizona during Spring Training!

We will work 16 games in 29 days along with our already busy schedule of workamping in the RV park and I am still working 1 day a week for HR Block.    I thought we retired!!!!!!

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