Keeps Raining

Our Arizona sunshine has vanished and we are starting to get a bit stir crazy!  This morning, being tired of 3 days of mostly rain we decided we should go out for a movie.  Paul caves in for a movie theater about once a year so it is a big deal which movie we are going to see.  It has to be one we think would be great on the big screen, something we both want to see and we always get the big bag of popcorn and the extra large soda!  A $25 date.

Today’s choice was Crazy Heart.

We arrive at the 25 movie plex and since we were running a little late and it is pouring so Paul drops me to get the tickets; as I am stepping up to the window I realize that Crazy Heart is not showing (not sure how that happened!) so I quickly choose another movie that we had talked about and I thought we would both enjoy, Shutter Island with Leonardo DiCaprio.

It starts out with these stunning views of this island and I am quickly trying to guess where it is being shot.  From there the movie gets very complicated as we did not read the trailers so we didn’t know the punchline!

Paul really didn’t like it as he says he didn’t get it.   I heard another patron say he didn’t like it either.  I cannot say I didn’t like it but it was not a favorite!  Next time I will choose much more carefully.

It was a perfect day for a movie as it has rained all day – this little house is getting really small!

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