1 year ago today!

Favorite Sunset - So far!

Favorite Sunset - So far!

I can’t believe it has been a year since we started out this life journey.  I have been thinking about this day for a while now and what I would write in my blog.  I thought I had great ideas and would write something spectacular but I can’t think of anything to say except WOW!  This journey has been amazing, interesting,  fun, exciting, wonderful,  enlightening,  along with some frustration, tests, screaming matches,  sadness, loneliness and of course laughter!  Without the laughter we would have never made it.  We still actually like each other and it is a good thing cause some days we have only each other to talk to. 

This year I have learned:

1.I can live in 350 sq. feet with Paul – well on most days!

2. Family is extremely important and staying in touch is not as hard as I thought it would be – It helps that I got to come home to California several times and spend a couple of months in the Bay Area this fall.

3. Friends are so COOL!  They will actually visit you in the middle of the country and those that couldn’t, read my blog and make time to see me when I am only in town for a couple of days – Thank you soooooo much!

4. Paul is a pretty special person – don’t tell him I said that but it is true.  I think it would be hard to put up with me 24-7, 365 days of the year and he did it!

5. Everyone should have a DOG!  Duke makes even the rough days better

6. Being far away from my girls is always going to be difficult – I miss them more now than when they ran off to College

7.  America is a great place and people everywhere no matter what race, religion, political party they are they just want to live in peace and take care of their families.

8.  It is going to take a really long time to see all that the USA has to share!

I learned a bunch of stuff about myself but the best thing I learned is after only 1 year on the road Iam sure this was the right choice for us and we are looking forward to this next year!  This next year we will be traveling to North Carolina to see Paul’s dad and most of his family on the East Coast.  Our plan is to spend the summer in the North East and then in the fall travel down to Florida for next winter.  This is our plan as of today but you never know when the wind might shift, or Paul makes a wrong turn and we end up who knows where!  Stay tuned to my blog for future developments.

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