Running out of time….

I thought when we moved away from work, family & friends we would have so much time to do all the things we thought we were missing out on.  Since my last post we have missed out on Bingo, Karaoke, bike rides, hikes, dancing, music in the courtyard, Christmas Shopping… The list goes on and on.  We have managed to do a few things.  I am hooked on the game of pickle-ball.  The game sounds pretty tame until you step onto the court and the competitive juices start flowing and before you know it you are slamming yourself into the fence to make that save, diving into the net to return the dip your opponent just served and you realize you are sweating more than if you had just ran 3 miles on the silly treadmill. 

We made a trip to Yuma to visit my parents who are in Arizona until Christmas.  It was a very rainy and cold few days so we didn’t make that trip into Mexico for more Tequilla.  We also forgot to bring the passports so we were out of luck.  I guess we will have to get this weeks alcohol from Costco!

I have played golf 3 times in the past 2 weeks and on Sunday we played in a couples group and I won for womens closest to the pin with my second shot on a par 4.  That is very good for me.  My score was not good but it was right in there with the group so I am happy.  Now if I can work on my putting so I can par once in awhile!

This week we are making Christmas dinner for friends tonight.  Tomorrow is a free day besides, pickle-ball, Karaoke, & music in the courtyard, Wednesday is pickle-ball, helping in the office, and cocktails with the neighbors, a trip to the Heart Attack Grill so Mike can experience the heart attack, and then the rest of the week will be getting ready to come to California for Christmas.  I can’t wait.  4 days and counting until we see Stephanie & Amy.

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