What is it?  Paul tried it! Our friends love it.  Monday afternoon they were having their Grand Opening and giving away hot dogs & beer along with entertainment to come see the new Pickle-ball and Bocce Ball Courts so of course I went!  FREE anything in this community gets a big crowd and this was no exception – you could barely get near the place.  I went and I love the game.  It is a variation of Tennis, Ping Pong & Badminton.  You play with a large wooden paddle (they have composite graphite ones for the competitors) and a wiffle ball on a court the size of a badminton court with rules that keep you from cramming the ball down the opponets throat!  According to the website it was created as a family game and good for seniors!  I don’t know about that because I was sweating from just 20 minutes of play – this is going to be my new aerobic exercise.

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