Wii Bowling

I have never played Wii bowling but yesterday Paul and I signed up to Wii Bowl for Turkeys and I won!  Now what do I do with a 14 lb turkey?  My score for 2 games was 382.  I have never bowled over a 160 ever and have not even bowled in probably 10 years.  We just might have to get one of these Wii things.

Today Paul and I helped with the Thanksgiving Dinner – washing dishes for 100+ people is something that I had never experienced and maybe I won’t again.  We washed for about 2 hours and there were 10 of us washing!  After we played bingo and I won one time but so did 5 other people so I got a whooping 75 cents.  It didn’t even pay for the cards but at least I got to call BINGO one time.

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