Day to Day life

Now that we are back in our hometown our days don’t feel so much like vacation which I am truly enjoying.  Last week I made a quick trip to Fresno to spend some time with Stephanie.  It was a mom weeekend; we watched tv, cooked, shopped, and went to two movies.  Since we left in January I have not been to the movies so this was such a treat.  The popcorn was pricey but the tickets was only $3.00 each!  We saw……

Amy came and spent some time with us on Sunday which was really nice cause we just hung out at home doing nothing!  I don’t think Amy had as much fun as I did but she tolerated it pretty well – she did rope me into a quick trip to Nordstrom Rack in the afternoon!

We have spent time seeing friends and playing cards with our old neighbors.  Friday night we went to Octoberfest in downtown San Jose at a nice little restaurant, Teske’s.  Food was good, beer great, entertainment excellent and the company was superb.

Today we golfed in Gilroy!  Beautiful California weather and the golf!!!!  I did get a par and several bogey’s so I am happy. I do love to get out and play golf.

Tonight we had dinner with the owners of Pan Pacific RV at Mama Mia’s in Morgan Hill – excellent Italian food – Now I need a nap!

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