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Day – 5

Saturday, January 17th, 2009

On our way to Arizona we took a couple of detours; one to Fresno to see Stephanie and the other I made alone to Santa Barbara for one last look at the beautiful California coast and to see Amy.  I was able to spend the night with her in her home on the ocean where she lives with 13 other girls.  I left Wednesday am and met up with Paul outside of Palm Springs.  Driving along the coast I could have just stopped and stayed for days as we were having one of those days that everyone speaks about when they talk about California and our weather, views, etc.

Trip to Yuma

Friday, January 16th, 2009

Tonight we made a quick trip to Yuma to pick up my dads golf cart.  Paul will be needing it to get around at the RV show where he is working for the next 10 days.  My parents new place is in a RV Community in Yuma where they have their 5th wheel parked for the winter.   Lots of retired people buy these lots and come spend the winter where the weather is always sunny and warm from December – March. 

Duke didn’t get to make the trip  as he had a grooming appointment in Quartzsite.  I found this groomer next to the little market where we tried to find milk.  The groomer works out of a really small 5th wheel that has been converted into a grooming salon.  The groomer did a great job on Duke and the best part is she doesn’t have room to crate the dogs so you drop them off when she is ready to groom them.  He was only there 2 hours and our friend Dennis picked him up while we were gone.  The price was right and I think this is one of his best hair cuts!!! 

We were back from Yuma by 10 pm and it was so quiet in the desert.  People here in Quartzsite really get worn out going to all the flea markets, rock vendors, RV stuff  cause they are all dark by 9 pm!  Paul and I usually are ready to sit by the fire by 9 pm and it is very peaceful and the stars are amazing out here. 

Day 1!!!

Sunday, January 11th, 2009

We are living our dream.  We left Stockton about noon with the last of our belongings that needed delivered to our storage.  Everything we own is either with us in our RV or a 10×10 room at my parents.  Leaving San Jose & Stockton has been really sad but this new feeling of freedom feels really great and I recommend to anyone that thinks they might want to escape real life.

We are on the road for the next few days inroute to Quartzsite Arizona where Paul will sell RV’s for the “BigDuke’s CouchDuke’s Couch RV Show”. I plan on a lot of golf.  For now we are still arranging all the extra stuff that we think we have to have.

Duke’s Couch  Duke was making a statement about all the moving activity!  He really wanted to stop all the moving and just play BALL!!!

Life is good, Denise

2009 here we come!!!!

Friday, January 9th, 2009

We had a fabulous Christmas and New Year.  Just us and the girls enjoyed a week in Tahoe for Christmas in a nice cozy Timeshare just at the base of Heavenly Valley Neveda Resort.  We had an amazing snow storm for Christmas which was just perfect for our first “White Christmas”. 

Then back to Stockton and the realization of the task ahead was waiting for me.  We have some packing to do and the rest is being left for a garage sale that the owner of the home we have been caring for will have in the spring – This will be the easiest part of the process.  Paul had his last day of work on Dec. 31st but is still going to work (go figure! it is just the way he is!)

We had a great New Years and got to see many friends ONE more time before we drive off to see what we can find in this big country of ours.  At this point I haven’t even thought about our plans very much as I am focusing on getting thru these few days.  Both girls returned to school after New Years and we didn’t say good bye cause I am just not willing to do that.  We talk everyday and I hope to get a webcam so I can see them from time to time but we haven’t worked that out yet.  We are all busy so that makes this much easier.

This is our final week in California for now and saying good-bye is especially hard so I choose to say “see you soon” just like every other time.