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There is more to the weekend!

Saturday, August 10th, 2013
This is what the sun coming up looks like!

This is what the sun coming up looks like!

We were up at 5:30 am waiting for the Balloons to arrive.  It was a little windy and we wondered if the balloons would lift off!

Evergreen Dawn 2

Evergreen Dawn 1Evergreen Dawn 4

My favorite

My favorite

The balloons were off and we were back in bed by 8:15 am!

How was your weekend? Mine….

Friday, August 9th, 2013

Portland for the weekend, On the way we found  the Evergreen Airplane Museum in McMinnville Oregon where the Howard Hughes Spruce Goose resides.  A very nice museum with lots of planes and space exhibits.  The plan was to see the museum and then move closer to Portland however the museum was having a hot air balloon flight over the weekend and they allow RV’s to spend the night in the parking lot!  So we saw the museum including one of Pauls favorite planes,

SR-71 Blackbird

One of the world’s fastest aircraft, this high-altitude reconnaissance plane flew at the very limits of the earth’s atmosphere at speeds well over 2,000 miles per hour.

Evergreen Paul's favoriteHe even bought the souvenir shirt!

This is my favorite!

This is my favorite!

Or, maybe this one!

Or, maybe this one!



The museum has 4 large buildings with this one being the indoor water park!  We didn’t venture over there as Oregon weather is a bit cool for us and indoor swimming just doesn’t make me excited!

Evergreen Main attractionThe Spruce Goose,  No way can you photograph this one but that is a full size US flag flying above it!

After several hours walking among the planes we enjoyed a 3-D movie about the Universe.  The movie was very interesting and the glasses were pretty cool too!  Now it is time to relax!

Looks relaxing!  Where is Denise?

Looks relaxing! Where is Denise?

We had the perfect spot with a nice view of the field where the Balloons were scheduled to fly from; we had a cocktail, some snacks and then the sprinkler system decided it was time to water the trees!  It wasn’t very green so I don’t think they water all that often we just got lucky!  The chair lying down is covering the rainbird so Paul can continue his Happy Hour!  Duke and I headed into the RV which was the only place out of the water and sun!

The water stopped after about an hour and a couple other RV’ers came by to chat and then the rain came!  Not very much, just enough to wet the ground and bring us a very nice rainbow!









Scandinavian Festival

Friday, August 9th, 2013

Apparently a large population of Scandinavian people live in the Eugene/Junction City area because this festival was hopping on a Thursday evening.  The Junction City Scandiniavian Festival has lots of dancing, music and food.  Lots of people were dressed in Scandinavian clothing and you could even buy little vests or aprons so you too could get into the spirit.  We spent the evening enjoying everything Scandinavian!  We had these really fun little pancakes called  Aebleskiver, really tasty little pancake balls!



These people were working their little tails off rolling these little pancakes until they were done.  They were served with some awesome Strawberry jelly.  We had Swedish meatballs with some rye breadsticks,  and swedish pancakes with some lingonberry jelly which tasted a bit like cranberries.  I was still looking for some real food!  We found the spot!  Meat Pies.

I hope the wait is worth it!

I hope the wait is worth it!

Wait!  That was only 1/2 of the line!

Wait! That was only 1/2 of the line!

Wow,  after waiting 20 minutes we were giving our order!  One pie is $7.50 and it didn’t look very big but we shared it and it was amazing.  A sour cream pastry filled with ground beef, cheddar cheese, onion, carrots, potatoes.  They were cooking them as fast as they could and it was pipping hot when we sat down to try it!  Not sure it was worth the 20 minute wait or the $7.50 but it was pretty good.

This is definitely an enjoyable time that was very unexpected.




Enjoying the cool breeze of the Oregon Coast

Thursday, August 8th, 2013

We arrived in Port Orford Oregon to a gust of wind!  The locals tell you this is unusual but we have been here three times and it seems the same to me, hmm???  We still love it here.  The town is small and there isn’t a Walmart for 50 miles!  Yeah!  Of course Paul did have to visit it – he just can’t seem to not need something they have.  It was for a good cause though because our friends, Ed & Peggy needed an IPad and Paul is the guy to set it up!  Needed might be an exaggeration but they need to have more options for fun!  I also got a new Iphone 5 as my old, perfectly good Iphone 4 decided while in Port Orford that it would start deleting some of my contacts.  It did this before but we were not sure until I am calling my mom on her birthday it decides it will delete MOM right before my eyes!  That’s it!  I am ready for the upgrade.  I love my Iphone cause even with this new one all I had to do was get all those noises off that are default and it seems like my old phone.  There is no learning curve when you get the same phone and that is good for me.

We spent 4 wonderful days with our friends, eating, drinking, connecting technology and playing games but the road is calling and we left on Wednesday am, heading north.  We traveled along the Umpqua River which was beautiful.  When you travel these smaller highway’s I am always delighted with the names of towns along the way.  Here is one…

This is for real!

This is for real!

A cute little farm town right outside of Eugene.  We will be staying just north of Eugene in Junction City for the next couple of days while Paul fills all his customers heads with lots of very useful information.  I will be enjoying some quiet time for reading and sewing!

This is the life!

This is the life!

It just doesn’t matter what else is happening in your day when you look at this!


Having another birthday has it’s perks!

Sunday, August 4th, 2013

Paul came up with a great idea for my birthday which is this month, taking advantage of our current location and knowing I like a bit of adventure he made us a reservation to ride a Jet Boat on the Rogue River.   We had to be up at 6:30 am and drive our RV to the parking area where we would meet our tour that leaves at 8 am.  It was a beautiful sunny day but the temps were pretty cold for a boat ride.  They said dress in layers which I did!

Denise ready for whitewater

These Jet boats can hold about 30 people and the ride is amazing.  We chose the ride that goes about 80 miles round trip with a stop for lunch upriver.  As we departed the dock we crossed under the Golds Beach Bridge with smiles and waves to Allison who would take our 5 x 7 photo for purchase at the end of the ride!

Wave to the camera!

Wave to the camera!

I’ve got way too many pictures of bunches of happy vacationers and besides the photos I took on the trip are way more interesting.

The water was so calm early in the morning

The water was so calm early in the morning

As we traveled upriver Tim our tourboat operator stopped to point out lots of fun stuff.  We saw all kinds of birds, a couple seals, a river otter, Elk and some deer.

Oregon Fish and Game checking on the Salmon

Oregon Fish and Game checking on the Salmon

Only a steelhead

Only a steelhead

Paul was fascinated by this process!  I was way more interested in the speed of the boat!  With the cool temperatures Tim took it easy on the morning portion of the trip.  We were very lucky and got to see a Bald Eagle chase off a mate while he enjoyed a nice Salmon dinner.

You can see the Salmon in the lower left

You can see the Salmon in the lower left

Standing on his prey and eating!

Standing on his prey and eating!

Our boat was about 30-40 feet!  away.  He was not afraid of us but he did keep an eye on us.  His mate was resting on the other bank.  Later up the river our guide found us another .

Bald Eagle 2

We were able to get within 20 feet of the bank where he was perched on a limb.

As we made it up river the smoke was thickening and visability was not good, but the temperatures were warming up and we got to do some fun stuff in the rapids!

Lots of smoke

Lots of smoke

cruising up the rapids!

cruising up the rapids!

We did lots of 360 degree spins on a dime of which most of the boat was splashed!  Racing through some of the rapids we were only in inches of water which was very exciting and the boat handled the current amazingly.  I really enjoyed the speed, the scenery and the wildlife.  A definite bucket list item.  I don’t want to check it off cause this is one that you could repeat and it would be a whole different experience next time!







Now what?

Friday, September 30th, 2011

Paul ” Everything is loaded, slides in, jacks up, Denise go ahead and start the coach and pull forward.”  Denise turns the key.  Nothing!  Paul “What?” Denise ” Don’t know?  I must be doing something wrong.  I must be missing something!”  Paul, “Move, let me see”  Turns the key.  Nothing!  Denise “Now what?”

That’s how the morning started.  So far on the road we have had very little trouble and nothing serious that Paul can’t handle with his little box of tools, but this time there seems to be a problem that doesn’t make sense.  Everything is working; lights, radio, slides, dash lights, inside lights, everything except when you turn the key you hear nothing!!!   Paul gets his little box of tools out, removes the steps cause that is where the batteries are and starts touching and tapping things.  Is that a good idea?  Wait, I better just sit in the seat and wait for directions.  Tap, Tap, Tap,  “Denise, try the key”  Nothing.  remove some more parts, Tap, Tap, Tap,  “Denise, try the key”  Nothing.  remove some more parts Tap, Tap, Tap,  ” Denise, try the key” motor starts, but wait, Denise didn’t know it was going to work that time and she let go of the ignition!  But that is ok, her mind is still pretty quick and she tries again and it starts!  Whoa!   Paul “How did you do that?  and don’t touch the key!”  How did we do that?  and will it work again?

We pull out, hitch up the car with the motor running and pull up to the dump station.  Dump with the motor running and head out down the road.  Now what do we do.  We have to shut it off sometime.

Good thing for Internet and the IPhone!  I look up a Workhorse  Dealer(that’s who makes this thing) in Medford and there is one.  I call them and talk to the nice man who tells me they have no openings until Wednesday.  He also thought from my information that it is probably a dead battery and driving will charge it.  He did say if that isn’t it and we are stranded call him he will figure something out – What nice people Oregon has.

Paul from what happened is pretty sure it isn’t a battery because everything was working so since we were going right past the Workhorse place he decides we will stop and see if it restarts there.  It did.  The nice guy came out and showed Paul a couple of things about our RV and talked to him a bit about what happened but he had no answer for the problem.  So off we go to our next destination which was the Elks of Medford.

That’s another story!  The Elks usually have a few sites at the lodge and we like to stay there because it is easy, safe and you can go in and enjoy a meal or a drink and talk to some locals.  Well the Medford Elks didn’t  have camping at the lodge but right outside of town they have a picnic area that is for RVer’s.  After talking to the guy, Paul gets directions and the code to the gate.  We finally arrive at the area which is about 2 miles down a dirt road about 5 miles outside of town.  We get there and it looks really nice but the RV area is in an uneven field, no one else is there, and the dog can’t go on their really nice lawn!  Since we are not sure about the starting of the rig we decide we don’t want to turn it off here – not good if we are planning to spend the night.  So, off we go back to town.  Paul makes his appointment and we head down the road – not sure where we will end up!  Yep, the RV is starting everytime so far!!!

Beautiful Oregon

Wednesday, September 28th, 2011

Trees, Blue Sky & rushing water, that’s what we woke up to this morning.  We are parked in a National Forest Park along the Rogue River southwest of Crater Lake and it is amazing.  This is camping – no running water, no showers and no internet or cell service.  There is a pay phone about 1 mile down the road!

Farewell Bend NFP, Oregon


View from my bedroom window

About 5 miles from the park is a Rogue River Gorge that is beautiful.  The trail runs right along the gorge so you have some beautiful views.

Rogue Gorge

Beautiful, loud and wild

The Falls right before the Gorge

Thinking, that's a lot of water and no chance if you fall over!

This is beautiful but we need some connection with the world, so off we go down the hill to Joseph Stewart State Park on the banks of the Lost Creek Reservior which is really low this time of year.  The park was very nice, with really big sites but not the view of Farewell Bend.  We moved here for some internet service as well as a bit warmer temps.  There wasn’t much sunshine in the woods!  If you are a boater you would really like it here.   We are

Powered Up

Monday, September 26th, 2011

We have been on the road for a week and camping for the past 4 days without electricity.  That is not exactly true; we have power when we choose to run the generator which is about 1 hour a day to charge up the batteries.  This is camping!  We have no services attached to the RV; our neighbors are more than 10 feet away; I read a whole book;  there are lots of trees, dirt & dust; and campfires scent the air morning and night!  I love it.   We are in Sisters Oregon which is only 20 miles away from Bend and very beautiful.  We have to move to Bend today so that Paul can again work for a day or two and then we head back toward California.  The good news is we are planning to stay in State Parks the rest of the trip so no more electricity – I hope!

Sisters Oregon is beautiful and has so much to see and do or just do nothing and enjoy the fresh air.  The landscape is spectacular around Sisters.  We took a drive into the Williamette National Forest along the MacKenzie Scenic Pass to Dee Wright Observatory.  At the top where the observatory is located you could see forever; to Mt. Washington, Mt. Jefferson, Mt. Hood and the Three Sisters Mtns.

A Lava Observatory built in the early 1900's

Mt. Jefferson

Three Sisters (actually only 2!)

3 Sisters (2) thru the view tubes (Lava Tubes) inside the observatory

Thats Paul at it again! Where's Duke?

All the landscape you see is lava.  It goes on for miles and gives me a very eerie feeling.  It is amazing and reminds me of the desert somehow.  But then there are these giant mountain peaks and snow in September.  I still like the mountains and forest more.  As soon as you crest the pass at the observatory moving down the other side we get right back into the mountains and trees.  What a difference.  And then there is the MacKenzie River that follows the road with a couple of waterfalls!  Yeah.

Koosah Falls

About a 50 foot falls.  We walked up the trail about a 1/4 mile where you can get right up to the rushing river.

A mini fall up river

The water is soooo blue!

The river is so powerful.   The noise allows you to block out everything else and just relax.  Someday I may live near a river like this, I think!

Clear Lake Oregon

And then there is the tranquil lake.  Clear Lake is located up river from the falls and is so quiet and clear that there were children in these row boats far away and you could here them laughing while rowing.  We even saw a couple of scuba divers that say you can see down about 40 feet and they dive about 50 feet to see lava tubes and such.

I could stay here forever or until the snow comes which today it feels like it might!   It was 85 degrees when we got here Thursday and today it was 40 when we got up at 8 am.  I sure hope it warms up!  The good news is we are heading back to civilization and will have electricity again for a day or two where I can warm up with the heater.

A new state to add to our map, Washington

Tuesday, May 17th, 2011
The sky is threatening to open up all day as we traveled inland through Oregon on our way to Camas, WA to see our Mesa friends, Gene & Kerri Manger.  We have been warning them since winter that we would visit them and they still gave us directions to their home!

We fit perfectly infront of there RV garage

The view from my front window

We will be spending 2 nights here before we move on to our summer spot in Westport, WA.  Kerri & Gene were excellent hosts and we spent our first evening chatting about Mesa and all the things we love and miss, especially the weather!  It is cold here in WA and very rainy.  Sunday morning we woke to even more rain but since it is our only day we set out to see some of the Columbia River Gorge.  We had been up the gorge many years ago on a business trip so some of it was familiar.  The gorge is huge and beautiful with amazing vistas, even in a rain storm.  We stopped at the Bonneville Dam.  We talked Paul out of the full dam tour.  We watched the Salmon run the ladder and that was pretty amazing, even little baby salmon were making their way upstream.

A turbine Blade for the generators

Bonneville Dam- a mini Niagara Falls!

We drove up the Washington side of the gorge, crossing at Bridge of the Gods and returning to Camas via Portland.  On the Oregon side there are lots of waterfalls to see along the steep rock wall that runs along the gorge.

Multnomah Falls

Cold & Beautiful

The rain just would not let up so we headed back to town and Lunch!  Returning to Camas we found a great restaurant on the waterfront, The Beaches.  A great place for lunch or dinner and the views are great too.  We even got a free dessert because they sent Pauls soup (his lunch) out before our meals!  This dessert was too big for the 4 of us to finish.  Decadent Chocolate layer cake with Ice Cream and B-52 sauce!  And then when the waitress brought our bills she brings them in her comment book!  What a cool idea, you get to comment on your experience and you can read what others have written.
Monday morning we woke to skies that were promising a perfect day!

Central Oregon Coast

Friday, May 13th, 2011

We left Port Orford this morning and are heading toward Westport WA where we will be spending most of the summer.  The Oregon Coast is almost as beautiful as the California Coast with beautiful vistas and quaint little towns.  Highway 101 is quite windy and narrow but traffic is very low so we had a good day of travel.  Our first stop was in Coos Bay to look at some pretty cool boats.

A private yacht

While looking at the yachts we saw this seaplane taxi along the bay.

We decided to stay on the coast as it was a beautiful day and moving inland to I5 just didn’t seem like that much fun.  So we found a spot at a day use Federal Park and enjoyed lunch and a walk along the dunes.

Oregon Dunes

That's far enough! Sand gets everywhere!

After lunch we headed north along some of the most beautiful coastline, between Florence and Yachats.  The Heceta Head Lighthouse was sitting on this little cove that was just beautiful.  Nowhere to stop and take a picture but I will not forget.  We decided to spend the night on the coast and found ourselves a nice campsite in  South Beach State Park just south of Newport.  From our site it is a 1/2 mile walk through the dunes to the beach.  Duke and I were ready for some exercise so we headed to the beach, Paul rested from the drive or maybe he was playing on the computer?  About the same for him!!!

The only ones on a beach the size of The Boardwalk Beach!

Duke was loving the beach, running in the waves and chasing himself but then it was cold and time to head back! Duke went crazy when we got into the soft sand and …..

and now he is trying to rub the sand out of his eyes!

It was so funny watching him run in circles, dig holes and then stop and look at me before going again.

When we arrived back home Paul had been busy checking the area out via the internet and a call to Neil, his friend from French Camp that he knew had been to this area before.  Neil suggested we check out a seafood restaurant in Depoe Bay called the Tidalraves.   It is right on the ocean and has spectacular views.

The view from our table

We were not planning to eat out but we are very glad we did.  The views were amazing and the food was spectacular.  Paul had red snapper that was prepared perfectly.  I had the special because it was something I had never had, Black Cod with a Thai sauce!  Really, really good.  This place is a must!  Every table has a great view.

After dinner we took side roads back to the campground which was about 12 miles.  We saw a lot more great vistas of the Oregon Coast and we saw some wildlife.

Mama bear eating some berries

First we saw the baby right in the middle of the road but by the time I could get my camera out he was already over the railing and into the weeds, but Mama bear was not ready to leave, she just sat there eating berries with me trying to take pictures.  This is barely zoomed in!  She was in the bushes about 6 feet off the pavement.  These bears are really small.  The baby was about 1/2 the size of Duke and the Mama was barely bigger than him!

These Rhododedrons are everywhere and in every color

And then of course we have an Oregon Sunset looking out to the ocean from the Newport Harbor.

Newport Bridge