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The Rockies

Wednesday, September 2nd, 2015

Another of natures beauties.  Driving I-70 from west to east through the Rockies goes from high desert to amazing rock formations to majestic mountians with lots of rivers and streams along the way.  At the west entrance to the Rocky Mountain National Park is a perfect little village and lake,  Grand Lake.   We have been to Grand Lake and the park before and really like the area.  This trip we get to stay in our own home and explore for more than a few days.  We are here through the holiday for a bit of a vacation.  I know, everyone thinks we are on vacation everyday and we are but sometimes we get to stop in beautiful spots and do nothing other than relax, have campfires and explore.

Home for as long as Paul will stay in one place

Home for as long as Paul will stay in one place

Lots of wild flowers, small but beautiful

Lots of wild flowers, small but beautiful

Our first stop was to the visitors center to gather a map and information on hikes that would be good for us.  The rangers were very helpful and even assured us there is no poison oak in the Park, nor poison snakes.  She did say there are snakes but very few.  I’m excited by that because snakes just scare the hell out of me.  We took our first hike in the park to Cascade Falls just above Grand Lake, a 3.5 mile one way hike with a elevation gain of 300 feet.  This was the perfect hike to get used to the thin air.  The air is thin but we seem to be handling it so more hikes are in order for this week.

Cascade Falls 2

The beginning of the trail is along a fire road through meadows and a very calm stream.  It was very quiet and the mountains reached right up into the brilliant blue skies.

Cascade Falls 3

Soon we were climbing with cliffs and large rock formations along the trail.  The trails are pretty wide and well maintained.

3.5 miles

3.5 miles

We made it to the top of the falls.  The waterfalls were more of splashing water over beautiful rocks.  It was loud and very easy to get right down to the water.

Cascade Falls 10

Cascade Falls 11

Thats the look of total relaxation

That’s the look of total relaxation

Soon, he was laying back on the rocks and snoring.



Me, I chose to edge closer to the splashing water.  It was definitely icy cold.  Soon we were gathering ourselves for the return trip.  It always amazes me when you take the same trail back it seems like a completely different trail.   We passed a few hikers going up and even one couple that told us there was a moose about a 1/2 mile up.  Great because we had not seen much wild life other that lots of grass hoppers, a couple of squirrels and one small snake!  I know,  she said there were only a few in the park.

We continued along the trail on the look out for a moose and soon, about 1/3 of a mile past the couple I spot some wildlife!  Another snake!  I thought she said there were only a few snakes in the park and we see two in only a couple of hours!  Of course I screamed!  That’s what I do when I’m startled!  Paul doesn’t get it.  He says, you see it, its not under your feet, it’s going away from you why do you scream?  Hmmm,  31 years of marriage and he still doesn’t understand me! He keeps trying.

So we can handle the elevation if we take it slow, the wild life is elusive, and there definitely are creepy crawly things that along with watching for rocks and roots on the trails I need to be watching for snakes.  We will do several more hikes this week and a lot of lounge chair time here in the Rocky Mountains.

Duke, says enough nature, let me in!

Duke, says enough nature, let me in!




Still Wondering

Tuesday, September 1st, 2015
Riding where?

Riding where?

Grand Junction Colorado was our first stop this week and our home for two days was one block off the main avenue in downtown.  The downtown area is just like many downtown areas with many boutiques, antique shops, ice cream shops, restaurants, clubs and lots of outdoor seating to enjoy the day.

Downtown art work always intrigues me and Grand Junction did not disappoint!  Make sure you scroll to the end, my favorite is the second to last photo.

Grand Junction Art 32

Grand Junction Art 31

Grand Junction Art 30

Grand Junction Art 28

The artwork is a collection of permanent pieces and many temporary pieces that change regularly and they are for sale!  The collection left me thinking that is for sure.

Grand Junction Art

Grand Junction Art 33

Grand Junction Art 26

Just what my feet feel like after wearing high heels!

One of my favorites that I have seen in other downtowns

One of my favorites that I have seen in other downtowns

Grand Junction Art 13

This one had me taking a second, third look.

Grand Junction Art 11


Grand Junction Art 23

Grand Junction Art 20

Grand Junction Art 19

Grand Junction Art 18

Grand Junction Art 17

And then there were the just plain weird!

Grand Junction Art 3

Grand Junction Art 7

Grand Junction Art 10

And of course Duke had to get into things

Grand Junction Art 21

I smell that. Do you smell that?

Grand Junction Art 15



Arriving in Golden, CO

Wednesday, June 3rd, 2009

We arrived in Golden around 3 pm and it was so cold I thought it might snow which is right on par for us and weather.  We are here visiting Paul’s sister Cindy who is refurbishing a duplex while she lives in it with tenants in the other unit.  Paul helped her pull up some old carpet in the basement and built her a sifting table so she can sift the dirt in her garden.  She has a really great garden that I am really jealous of – not having my garden and growing tomatoes has been something I have really missed this year.  I really didn’t get to help with any of the projects as shortly after we arrived I fell down the stairs quite hard where now I am having a hard time sitting or standing for very long!  I got a bruise and a big bump on my tailbone and Paul and Stephanie get to deal with Cranky!  We will leave on Thursday am and travel somewhere in the Rockies or into Utah, we haven’t decided yet, permanent vacation is so much fun!

More bad weather – Monday, March 30

Tuesday, March 31st, 2009

We woke up this morning to 6 inches of snow, closed roads and chain requirements and it was so beautiful yesterday!  We checked the road conditions and the snow had stopped so we decided we were fine to head East.  We left Golden, CO about 8:00 am and by the time we got to downtown Denver the roads were clear but they were still talking about accidents east of Denver so I got out the computer and logged on to Colorado DOT to see where the problems were.  There was a problem on the I-70 which we were on but it was pretty far east so we figured it would clear up.  About 10 miles East of Denver we found ourselves back in a snow storm and it was accumulating on the roadway – thank goodness we were only in the car and not another RV!  For about 100 miles we drove 40 miles per hour or less.  There were cars in the middle of the highway and on the shoulders flipped on their sides and just left because no one was available to tow them.  They all had caution tape on them and we guessed that is how they know if it is a new or old accident!  We saw a U-Haul truck on its side in the median, SUV’s, small cars – it looked like a wreck but there were no people or emergency crews anywhere.  We finally reached the area where the interstate was shut down in both directions due to a muliple car accident.  There were at least 12 vehicles involved, most with only minor damage but two 18-wheelers were kissing trailers right in the middle!  Our side of the interstate was open so we were able to continue.  Just past that the road became clear and we thought we were home free until the wind started blowing the snow across the highway.  It was blowing so hard that we could not see to drive – this was worse than fog and at one point we knew there was an exit and we wanted to get off the interstate and just rest but we could not even find the exit!

Finally the snow let up and we entered Kansas.  Kansas on the interstate did not offer much except lots of wind, enough that you could barely stand up. Tumbleweeds and windmills.  

We drove 17 hours today and made it to where we call home in Branson, MO about 1 am.

We sleep tomorrow!!!

Colorado – Saturday, March 28

Tuesday, March 31st, 2009

After leaving the monument we entered Colorado and except for the sign at the border you would never have known you left Arizona, or New Mexico!  After several hours driving we stopped in Durango, CO for lunch.  Paul likes to try places that he thinks are local and he found another one.

Very Local!

Very Local!

You know you are in a local establishment when the waitresses’ kids are sitting at a table doing homework!  The menu looked fine so we sat and ordered.  People watching is one of the advantages of picking these restaurants and this one was no exception.  There were two older gentlemen at the table next to ours wearing their cowboy hats and boots.  These guys were not wearing the hat and boots cause they looked good, they were functional.  Their boots had well used spurs and they were talking about roping after lunch!
When you leave Durango, CO you start to get into what we all think of when we think Colorado- really tall mountains.  The drive to Golden was thru some amazing country and a bit scary at times.  We found ourselves near evening in a valley that still had snow on the roads and it got quite slippery. The truck & trailer infront of us almost jacknifed several times!
Snow run off in the Rockies

Snow run off in the Rockies

Snow and more Snow

Snow and more Snow

This was along Highway 160 somewhere in Southwestern Colorado.  The drive was beautiful and we made it to Golden, CO to see Paul’s sister around 9 pm.  A long day, covering 4 states, actually only two but we did set foot & car in the other two!